Thursday, October 10, 2013

Kings of Leon Vs. The Strokes: An Assessment

I was recently asked about how the Kings of Leon overtook the Strokes. Let me highlight the key differences in these two bands and weigh in. As stated many times before, Kings of Leon went all U2 and they have not stopped being all U2. I think one of the worst things that could have happened to them was to have mega hits. Kings of Leon is over the top now mainstream, the Strokes took the less is more strategy. The Strokes, in contrast, went all...let's see who our fans really are. They made an album steaming with 80's pop sounds absolutely alienating any fans of Is This It. The next difference is that Kings of Leon wants to be big, famous, popular, loved, adored, interviewed and so on. I never get that vibe about the Strokes. They take their time with their music, are never rushed, and never give the media anything resembling a story. They keep everyone guessing. Once again, there is the less is more mystery to the Strokes. Do they hate each other, do they not? I am absolutely intrigued by the fact that they did not do any publicity for the last album. Uhh, what channel and piece of media did we not see Kings of Leon saying they had a new album out. Here is the thing about album comparisons too, Kings of Leon's Only By the Night is completely overrated. Beside the two hits, the album is complete filler besides maybe 17. They then go on to make an album that makes them sound even more Southern. Kings of Leon just never changes. Always the same pretty much, but the Strokes simply said to hell with that idea. They changed everything about themselves to save the band. Contrary to any ignorant opinions, the Strokes are together, will do more music, and not breaking up. Get some new information next and perhaps something a little more accurate. The best comparison I can say is that as far as the Eastern seaboard is concerned the Strokes are Radiohead, while Kings of Leon are U2. I guess you could say that yes the Kings of Leon did surpass the Strokes as the bigger band, but I cannot say they did so artistically. The Strokes have taken two steps forward in that regard, while Kings of Leon seem to be running in place.