Saturday, January 4, 2014

The New King of Music...Newness!

I would like to take a little time to discuss something that is bugging me. This has been annoying me for some time. The Internet has created so much media content for us to consume that keeping up is pretty much impossible. I can remember earlier this year when I couldn't believe the number of really good albums coming out in consecutive weeks. I could not buy enough blank cd-r's. They say that the rock band is dead, but the amount of content coming out, rock bands included, is mind boggling. There is so much new music being released that you think long and hard about a piece of music for a week, then forget about it or remember the songs you really liked upon your 2-3 listens. U2 had an album and you forgot about it within 2 months. Before you would tour and that would keep your album going but that does not work so well anymore. Arctic Monkeys had a perfect album in NME and now that album seems a couple years old. There is just too much noise out there for someone to keep up with. The albums that stay at the epicenter for a year are no more. Radio is dead. Concerts seem to be dying. The answer as I see it is that artists need to release more singles and EP's, less albums. This way you are always coming with something new and shiny. Albert Hammond Jr. said he would only make ep's in the future. For example, I had heard the best songs on Kid Cudi's album save one before it was even released and not through a bootleg. Sorry Radiohead the album is dead. iTunes fixed that. Music may want to go to a model of comics, single issues before the omnibus is ever released.