Friday, April 5, 2013

My Reply to Spin on The Strokes Review

Nobody much asks what the Strokes will do next anymore. -Keith Harris
Am I wrong in that everyone wants to write about how nobody cares about the Strokes anymore, but in reality much of the media does care very much what they do whether it be fascination, interest, ridicule, jealousy, I knew it, or I told you so. I really did not see this kind of interest in a new album like the Killers with absolutely no pr whatsoever. Where was the Vevo concert? Where were the magazine covers? Where were the interviews? You know who does not care...The Strokes. I listened to the new Phoenix album which this album has been compared to...The Strokes do a better Phoenix impression on Comedown Machine than Phoenix did for the past 13 years except for 1901. Next up, not in this review, but still prevalent are the endless unoriginal headlines that this is letdown machine. My God, be original you dumbasses. Next we have to hear the endless psycho/cultural/poetic/intellectual bullshit about the Strokes, their legacy, their history, their brand, their place in time. Finally, since this review you have released 2 articles specifically mentioning the Strokes with the obvious point to show how irrelevant they are. Quick tip: to make a band seem irrelevant...stop f'ing writing about them... How about that awesome 6 bitches?

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