Thursday, April 18, 2013

Alas, we come now to I love Pitchfork's festival. I dig some of the musician's they get to go there. For example, Vampire Weekend, Trail of Dead, Modest Mouse are all cool acts to see there. Yet, their idea of music criticism leaves a lot to be desired. They are in love with the idea of being completely indie. Even more so, than they are in love with the idea of good music. As the ecard saying goes, is so indie that they saw a band by themselves in an underground room then killed the band so they would be the only ones ever to see them. One of the first things they like to do is punish bands for wanting to make money and upgrade to better tours, equipment, houses. Second, one particular review of Pitchfork wonders whether Pitchfork likes music at all anymore. Third, they have to be completely anonymous. These tools need to understand that I want an honest review of the bands we all know, not a shit talking, dishonest review because you'd rather highlight your crap, no name, bullshit, awful fucking band. I guess what seemed like a venture that was honest and true in the beginning has become an endless mission to become the coolest hipster on the planet. Pitchfork needs a wakeup call. Here is a newsflash. Hipsters are dead. EDM in no way embraces the hipster. Nobody wants to be called a hipster. They run this site as if it were 2005. The final part of the utter hilarity that is Pitchfork comes in the fact that this site is the embodiment of hypocrisy. I am reminded of when the Strokes new album came out, Comedown Machine. They previewed the album acting like it was this buzzworthy album then proceeded to trash it a bit. Also, they called them irrelevant as they proceeded to sell Converse shoes on the same page. What a fucking crock of shit they are. These pretentious douchebags don't even let you comment on their reviews. Putting up blinders to the truth that they are all a bunch of haters with no style no substance and no integrity.

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