Thursday, June 19, 2014

Kanye West: The Man or the Music?

I am here to talk to you today about one Kanye West. He is probably one of the biggest douche bags on the planet. I do not deny this fact. I will not try to refute this fact. All of the names and Internet jokes out there do you have an element of truth to them. He is egotistical and self-centered and only in it for himself but there's the rub. The rub is he is a musical genius. I do not take the word musical genius lightly and and do not bestow the term on anyone easily. The man has taken wrap to new levels with his ability to be both producer and rapper and singer at the same time. Have you ever noticed like I said before that Jay-Z has crappy songs when Kanye does not produce them. Tis true, tis true. Now I will not go into the elements of why Kanye's Music is so much better and for that he has my utmost respect. I did so in another post. Here I would like to ask the question if you do not like I musician as a person can you still like their music? This is a tough question to define and to answer simply because some will take the lyrics very seriously while others will not. So I'm simply will turn off a person's Music because of their personality or their previous actions. I don't know if this is an ethical thing or if it is just completely pointless to turn off someone's music simply because you do not like the person. People will say oh Kanye I hate his music he's an asshole. I will always argue wait a second is his music bad because he's an asshole how can that be? I guess the question comes down to can you separate the person from the music. Now if you argue that Kanye the person and his lyrics are completely related that I can see your point. But most people I talk to about this really have no idea about the content of his lyrics. I just say is the world of rap and hip-hop a better place with or without Kanye? I would say with Kanye simply because his musical contributions transcend any part of his personality. He not only defines the cutting edge the trends in hip-hop today, he is hip-hop. Kanye is telling everyone where to go as far as music goes but as a person he needs a little work.

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