Monday, June 23, 2014

Lollapalooza: 10 Helpful Tips

• Always check your pockets. Wallets and phones can easily fall out when you sit on the ground.
• Bring alternative identification and emergency cash if you lose anything.
• Do not get completely hammered as something bad will happen without a doubt.
• Stay away from spicy food then you will not have to use the porta potty. Related to that try to hold off breaking the seal as long as possible because the lines will get enormous for the bathroom.
• Do not count on your cell phone working pretty much at all. Always have a non cell phone way to meet up.
• Plan on at least 20 minutes between ends of Grant Park. The park is huge and takes that long for the end stages.
• If you leave early then you have a much greater chance to actually catch a cab but if you wait until the very end you probably will have to take the train or walk.
• Bring a battery operated charger for your phone because they will die over the course of a long day.
• Wear sunglasses, suntan lotion, hats, and white clothing because it gets really hot there.
• Write down important information on a piece of paper just in case your cell phone dies including your hotel room number, your hotel address, the address to any place that you would like to go afterwards.

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