Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What Is The Deal with Maroon 5?

One of the more fascinating musical acts out there in existence is the band, Maroon 5. This group began almost I would say a decade ago and everyone in the band was pretty much equal. By equal, I mean that everyone in the band probably had an equal say on things. In their early Videos, you could see that they were a band, instead of some vehicle for lead singer Adam Levine. Yet, as time has passed, their lead singer's star has continued to rise as he has made quite a large name for himself through the television show, the voice. Now, this is the part that I find so I don't really fascinating. These guys still tour under the name Maroon 5. Maybe I am completely missing something here, but most times when the lead singer moves into superstardom, that lead singer breaks away and becomes a solo artist. Examples I can think of our Stevie nicks, Rod Stewart, don Henley, John Fogerty, and so many more. It is very strange that they still tour around the country as Maroon 5. I saw this live in action when I went to a concert for Maroon 5. Adam Levine was front and center, while the rest of the band was at least 20 feet behind him where you could barely see them. This can be put to a further test if you have even watched any of their recent videos. All of their videos have Adam Levine as the star, while the other members of the band are simply cameos. I guess my question would be: are the other members of the band being paid such a good amount of money that they are okay with being basically a backup band? I mean couldn't Adam Levine simply hire professional musicians to do this just like say Trent Reznor does? I am not sure but I know bandmembers throughout rock 'n roll history or even pop music history that would have never played second fiddle once the lead singer became a superstar. I mean it has become obvious that nobody really knows who the hell besides Adam Levine is actually in the band.

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